Squirrel Talk with DataViz designer Lisa Charlotte Rost

The Journo Squirrels had some questions for me to fill their fabulous Christmas calendar. Here are my answers:

What do you need to work?

1. Food! Christmas is perfect to stuff all the great food things in one’s mouth. In the best case, in my mouth. Like cookies. I do like cookies. That’s me:

(Believe me, I’m happy while eating all that stuff; I just failed to draw a smiling but still gigantic mouth.)

2. Tea! I love tea. It’s like water, but warm and with taste – what else do you want. Can’t argue with that. Black tea, green tea, yellow tea (meaning, Ginger & Lemon tea): I take it all.

3. Pen & Paper! Still a huge fan. Only when I see my thoughts drawn, I truly understand them. I think. (Haven’t drawn this thought yet.)

What’s your favourite chart type?

Boy, I’m so glad you asked. What a great question. Currently, I adore this chart type:

What’s awesome about it, you ask, besides that it looks like a brick wall? You can read it three ways!

  1. You can just compare the height of the rows with each other and learn e.g. about the population of different countries.

  2. You can compare the length of the shares in each row with each other and can learn e.g. which countries have the most or the least share of rich people.

  3. You can compare the size of the individual boxes with each other and learn e.g. which country has the most rich people in absolute terms.

It’s basically like a tree map! But better sorted than a tree map! I’m such a fan.

How do people recognize you?

I have red glasses and I’ve had them for years now. To be frank, I’m not sure if I like them anymore. But hey, it leads to encounters like this one:

…and these encounters make me smile. The best compliment I’ve gotten so far? “You’re one of the rare people who actually look like their Twitter profile pic.” (It might be the other way round, now that I come to think about it.)

Ok, now that I made you curious: I’m @lisacrost on Twitter.
Happy Holidays!

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Lisa Charlotte Rost

Lisa Charlotte Rost is a designer at Datawrapper. She's been writing and talking about data vis for a few years now. In 2016 Lisa was an OpenNews Fellow at NPR in Washington, DC.

Based in Berlin now, she organizes the Data Vis meetup and enjoys the few sunny days.

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